Patient's satisfaction, our aspiration

To CML patient where 'DEATH' is the only 'TRUTH'- Enliven brings hope to those patients by controlling this fatal disease. In our country most of the patients are coming from either poor or middle class family. It is very much hard and beyond their capacity to purchase this costly medicine regularly for a long time. Orion Pharma Ltd. extended their hand of co-operation for these distress patients. As a guardian cum physician I give them my heartfelt thanks and express my gratitude to the "Orion". I also hope that "Orion" will always maintain this noble project for these helpless patients in our country.

Dr. Bandana Chakraborty
Guardian of the Enliven patient

I was diagnosed as CML patients in 2006. Then I started taking Enliven on the advice of Prof. M. A. Khan, Head of Hematology Department, DMCH. But the treatment cost was so high and became burden for my family. Then I applied for EPAP. After being enlisted in EPAP, my family has become able to bear my treatment cost. Now I am very well and leading my normal life. From my bottom of heart I wish the every success for Orion Pharma Ltd.

Md. Jewel
Enliven patient

I am very glad to become a member of EPAP. I was taking Enliven from 2004 and still taking and I am well both physically and mentally. I am really grateful to Orion Pharma Ltd. to arrange such a program (EPAP). I pray and wish for the bright future of Orion.

Dr. Md. Hussain Al Mansur
Enliven patient

When I found myself as a blood cancer patient, I was mentally broken down, my known world started changing rapidly. I was asking myself how long I am going to survive. Dr. Yunus Sir assured me that if I took Enliven capsule regularly, there will be no problem. I have been taking Enliven since July, 2005 and still now there is no problem at all. Sometimes my wife doesn't believe me that I am a blood cancer patient. Many thanks, to Enliven and also to Orion for manufacturing and marketing this miracle product.

Golam Kibria
Enliven patient
Orion Medical Scholarship

Can you think about a world without a doctor? Orion Pharma Ltd. congratulates the 'going-to-be-doctor' who already got admitted into the medical college and decided to sacrifice their life in exchange of bringing smile to the face of ailing humanity. Orion Pharma Ltd. specially salutes those geniuses who have got admitted into medical college overcoming the hurdles of financial constraints. But getting admitted into the medical college is not enough to fulfill this long cherished dream. Orion Pharma Ltd. has decided to be with these masterminds in this voyage towards a noble mission by offering scholarship to those medical students of the country who cannot afford the exorbitant cost of medical education.