Enliven Patients Assistance Program (EPAP)

Orion Pharma Limited defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept whereby a company integrates social and environmental concerns in its business operation and in its interaction with its stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Orion Pharma Limited incorporates the CSR practice in the policy and has established the CSR as its 7th value as 'Share Social Responsibility'.

As a continuation of our CSR practice Orion Pharma Limited introduces Enliven Patients Assistance Program (EPAP). EPAP is an endeavor to provide Enliven at subsidised price or in some cases at free of cost for the underprivileged blood cancer patients in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2004, EPAP has served more than one hundred CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) patients so far with a vow of maintaining this further.

Doctor's inspiration, our aspiration

1. Imatinib Mesylate (Enliven) is a novel medicine for CML patients. It gives hope to the hopeless CML patients.
To help the poor patients of CML, Orion Pharma Ltd. is running EPAP (Enliven Patients Assistance Program) which offers Enliven @ discount rates. EPAP is very successful and very much helpful for the patients of CML. This kind of humanitarian efforts to share Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is appreciable. I hope that in near future many companies will come to share their social responsibilities.
All Physicians and Hematologists can help the CML patients through EPAP project.
I wish every success for EPAP.