Chairman Profile

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Born on : 27 December 1954
Born in : Brahmmanbaria, Bangladesh
Occupation : Leading Industrialist / Entrepreneur
Position : Chairman, ORION GROUP
Address : Orion House, 153-154 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Passport : AG5592193
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Mohammad Obaidul Karim is the Founder Chairman of ORION GROUP, one of the largest business conglomerates in Bangladesh. He is an innovative, self-motivated and enterprising Bangladeshi business icon who has instrumented his success in the field of diversified business portfolios.

Mohammad Obaidul Karim is a maverick trailblazer who laid the foundations of the Orion in 1982 in Bangladesh and has managed through his stewardship to build a successful business sphere of Orion Group with an annual turnover of US$350 million and employment of over 18,000 people on that foundation within 2013.

Today, Orion Group owns the following interests / companies:


1. Orion Pharma Ltd. - one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and marketing of generic pharmaceutical formulations. The company has more than 100 brands and 250 presentations of various formulations with dosage forms including tablet, capsule, syrup, suspension, injection, dry powder for syrup/ suspension in different therapeutic groups like anticancer, antibiotics, anti diabetics, anxiolytics, diuretics, cardiovascular drugs etc.

2. Orion Infusion Ltd. - the largest pharmaceutical company for manufacturing and marketing of IV Fluid high intravenous medicine and intravascular saline. The Company holds maximum shares in the local market over the years.


3. Kohinoor Chemical Co.(BD) Ltd. -the pioneer company in Bangladesh in the field of manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics, toiletries and beauty care products with the well known ‘Tibet’ brand which has been very popular among the middle income and rural people of the country for ages.


4. Orion Infrastructure Ltd. - a 12-km long Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover (known as Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover), the LONGEST flyover of the country and the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) project. The construction is in progress. The central part alongwith some key ramps of this national important milestone project has already been in operation and the remaining part will be opened by May/ June 2014.


5. Orion Power Meghnaghat Ltd. - a 100 MW HFO (Heavy Furnace Oil) based power plant at Meghnaghat, Dhaka constructed as the FASTEST plant in 2011 in just 9 months with brand new machineries by Wartsila OY, Finland. The generated output of 105MW is regularly supplied to the national grid.

6. Dutch Bangla Power & Associates Ltd. - a 100 MW HFO (Heavy Furnace Oil) based power plant at Shiddhirganj, Narayanganj, constructed as the FASTEST plant in 2011 in just 9 months with brand new machineries by Wartsila OY, Finland. The generated output of 105MW is regularly supplied to national grid.

7. Digital Power & Associates Ltd. - a 100MW HFO (Heavy Furnace Oil) based IPP at Gognagar, Narayanganj, with brand new machineries by Wartsila OY, Finland. The project is near completion and will start production from early June 2014.

8. Orion Power Khulna Ltd. - First Coal based power project in IPP, Bangladesh of 660MW Supercritical at Mongla, Khulna and the LARGEST single unit IPP. Project Agreements have been duly signed with the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources and the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB). Construction is in process and expected to be completed by end 2017. BTG (Boiler, Turbine & Generator) have been selected from Alstom, France.

9. Orion Power Dhaka Ltd. - Another Coal based IPP of 660 MW Supercritical at Dhaka and the LARGEST single unit IPP. Project Agreements have been duly signed with the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources and the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB). Construction is in process and expected to be completed by the end of 2017. BTG (Boiler, Turbine & Generator) have been selected from GE of USA and Doosan of Korea. Doosan is also expected to do the EPC for the project.

10. Upcoming IPPs:

Coal based IPP: Orion has recently been awarded with another 3 FOLLOWING Coal based IPPs (2x 660MW and 1 x 300 MW) through competitive tendering process by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)
i) 660 MW Coal based IPP in Dhaka
ii) 300 MW Coal based IPP in Dhaka
iii) 300 MW Coal based IPP in Chittagong
Letter of Intents (LOI) have been received from BPDB for all 3 projects. Project agreements are under vetting by Orion’s legal team and will be signed with the Government soon.

LNG based IPP
Orion is in the process to have been awarded the FIRST LNG based 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Project in IPP, as it is declared as ‘lowest’ tariff.

11. Orion Gas Ltd. - country’s recent benchmark energy unit of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) bottling and distribution plant at Mongla, Khulna with the machineries and equipment acquired from world renowned Kosan Crisplant of Denmark.


12. City Center - the 40-storied and the TALLEST commercial cum car parking complex of the country.

13. Interior Accom Consortium Ltd. - engaged in ‘The Interior Refurbishment of the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka’. The job is in process.

14. Orion Properties Ltd. - involved in construction of world-class architecture and luxury apartments around the country.


15. Jafflong Tea Company Ltd. - a splendid tea garden at Sylhet with an area of 2200 acres in Jafflong, Sylhet.

16. Panbo Bangla Mushroom Ltd. - a 100% export oriented mushroom growing, processing and freezing plant producing Baby Button (White Button) Mushroom.

17. Orion Agro Products Ltd. - a compost production facility for mushroom. Production will start from end 2014.


18. Orion Knit Textiles Ltd. - a 100% export oriented knit composite unit with knitting, dyeing, finishing and garment facilities.


19. Orion Sports & Events Ltd. - the Franchise of ‘Khulna Royal Bengal’ procured from Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to play for Bangladesh Premiere League (BPL) T20 cricket.

Food & Beverage:

20. Fish & Co. Since its opening in 1998, Fish & Co. has grown from strength to strength, introducing its unique "seafood–in-a-pan" concept to diners in multiple countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei and the Middle East. Now the Singaporean company has 42 restaurants in 9 countries, most recently in Bangladesh. The famous (Fish & Co.) international chain shopis located at Gulshan-1 area in the capital city of Dhaka. SeaFood-lovers finally got a place where they can fully rejoice and meet their craving for fish. cricket.

21. Krispy Kreme. An American doughnut company and coffee-house chain, is set to make a foray into Bangladesh market to meet the growing demands among the urban middle class through our Company. It has outlets in 20 countries. Soon we are going to provide it’s outlet in Bangladesh located in Banani , road 11.

ORION’s major foreign partners and collaborators:

CANADA – LEA International
CHINA – Fujian Longking
DENMARK – Kosan Crisplant
EGYPT – Best Group, GD Bank
FINLAND – Wartsila OY
FRANCE – GEA, Alstom
INDIA – LEA Associates South Asia, Simplex Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
KOREA – Doosan
NETHERLANDS – Tebodin, Panbo Systems BV
SINGAPORE – Cord Group
SRI LANKA – LTL Holdings
SUDAN – Benifts Group
UAE – Belbaco Contracting LLC, New Vision
USA – General Electric (GE)


Mohammad Obaidul Karim is a distinguished, ingenious self-achieved Entrepreneur & Businessman. Orion’s sustainability efforts, over the years, were given outstanding shapes through his unique business concepts and visionary leadership skills. The road had been quite challenging and the tasks forbidding, but Mr. Karim made it possible only through his commitment, dedication, acumen and self-confidence. To join the latest development in the global trade, infrastructure platforms with international markets and above all, to provide major contribution in the country’s GDP through the right and appropriate business to business strategy, Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim has been very successful to strategically position ORION in the global arena by driving the business growth through combining contemporary management modus operandi with real life practical and pragmatic approach.

- Mr. Karim revolutionized the scenario of contribution of private sector in the infrastructure development sector of Bangladesh and inspired a number of budding entrepreneurs to follow the suit. Applying the Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept in Bangladesh is the brainchild of Mohammad Obaidul Karim . He is the first to recognize the potential of PPP in the infrastructure development industry in Bangladesh, the ability of it to contribute to Bangladesh’ economic growth and to generate direct and indirect employment. The concept of the 10-km long Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover project (known as Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover) which happened to be the longest in Bangladesh has been introduced by Mr. Karim on BOOT (Build, Own, Operate & Transfer) basis which is going to be one of the most successful PPP ventures of the Government of Bangladesh.

- Mr. Karim’s success went further when Orion Group, under his unique leadership signed the biggest contract with Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) of 2 supercritical units of total 1300MW (1260 MW gross) Coal based Power Plants under IPP which is single biggest (660 gross/ 522MW net) in the country.

- Recognizing the leading role in developing the power sector of the country, Orion under Mr. Karim’s stewardship, has recently been awarded with another 3 Coal based IPPs (2 x 660MW and 1 x 300 MW) through competitive tender by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).

Under the elegant and proficient leadership of Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim , the Orion Group, apart from consolidating its position in existing businesses, also ventured into most promising sectors like power, LPG, hi tech agro-products like mushroom and green vegetable, food processing etc.

Early Life:

Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim was born on 27 December 1954 at Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh to an eminent family with Mr. Fazlul Karim and Mrs. Rabiya Khatun. He did his early schooling from the Government Muslim High School, one of the most prestigious institutions at that time in Dhaka and then completed his graduation in Economics from the University of Dhaka.

Career as a Businessman

After completing his graduation, Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim started his business career with pharmaceutical products Dhaka in 1982.

Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim is a first generation entrepreneur who had a very humble beginning but through sheer hard work, dedication and commitment made it to the top. Mr. Karim started his business steps in early ‘80s with Mala Chemical Company (Now Orion Infusion Ltd.). With the merit, dedication and astute vision, he proceeds towards success with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries production and marketing and then trading business with the name ‘ORION’. In 1992-93, Orion, with the leadership of Mr. Karim, acquired the then ailing Kohinoor Chemical and within a short period of time, transformed it into a position next to Uniliver.

Mr. Karim’s business interests soon diverged into other promising and heavy sectors like infrastructural development, power generation and energy. The major break-through came when Mr. Karim successfully brought PPP concept in the infrastructural development sector of the country. His vision went further, when Mr. Karim, being realized the potential of the energy sector. He made his presence felt in this field through successful implementation of a number of power generation and energy projects, some of which are under HFO based. His success continues when ORION GROUP was awarded with 2650 MW Coal based power projects to be implemented in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong in IPP. One of the projects is the single largest power project in Bangladesh. Orion is also in the process of getting the first 750 MW LNG based power project. In addition, Mr. Karim has significant social contribution by establishing LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) distribution and bottling plant, which is now assisting thousands of households with a substitute to natural gas.


- Mr. Karim’s diversified thoughts over micro and macro economy are the result of his success in such a short period of time. In recognition of his many contributions to the economic and social development of Bangladesh, Mr. Karim has, at various times, been conferred with many appreciations and honours.

- Mr. Karim has currently been elected as the President of Dhaka Mohamedan Sporting Club Ltd., a century old legendary and most successful sporting club of the country which is very popular for its name and fame in football arena.

Personal Life

Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim is married to Mrs. Arzuda Karim who is also a graduate from Dhaka University and who made her name in various philanthropic, social and charitable endeavours. Mrs. Karim, by dint of her talent and dynamic leadership, is managing the manufacturing and commercial operations of Orion Pharma Ltd. and Orion Infusion Ltd. very successfully. The couple is blessed with a daughter - Mrs. Zerin Karim and a son - Mr. Salman Obaidul Karim .

Salman Obaidul Karim is Business Graduate from UK. He is a young, dynamic and most promising business personality of the country who is now holding the position of the Managing Director of Orion Group.

Mrs. Zerin Karim is a business graduate from North South University, Dhaka.

Mr. Mohammad Obaidul Karim is a passionate traveler. He travlled more than 100 countries around the world. Though most of those are for business purposes, yet he takes keen interest in various cultures, sports, literature, style and cuisines. He has a natural ability of developing friendship with foreign dignitaries as well as local elites.


Mohammad Obaidul Karim is widely known for his philanthropic activities. He is also a regular contributor to different philanthropic and societal organizations.

He is the founder-Chairman of Orion Pharma Medical Scholarship who is providing scholarship to those medical students who cannot bear the exorbitant expense of medical educations by themselves.