Salman Obaidul Karim is a distinguished and ingenious businessman in Bangladesh. He is the Managing Director of ORION, one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh. Mr. Salman is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in the country, who has helped the portfolio of the Group to build category leadership in all its sectors.

Having graduated from the renowned Brunel University of London in 2005, he majored in Information Technology before undergoing a couple of professional trainings in the U.K. After completion of his graduation, he came back to Bangladesh and joined the family business ORION.

He is the member of Board of Directors of most of the Group Companies since 2005. Being guided by his father and the Founder Chairman of Orion, Mr. Obaidul Karim, Mr. Salman supervises the Group's Power sector, Real Estate, Construction, Infrastructure Development and Restaurant Chain units with overall responsibilities. His visionary leadership has enabled ORION to be involved with over 3000 MW power projects with 300MW current distribution. With this Orion has become one of the leaders in power generation business of Bangladesh.

Mr. Salman is the Managing Director of the majority of the concerns of Orion amongst which includes, Orion Infusion Limited, Orion Infrastructure Limited, Orion Hospitals Limited, Orion Knit Textile Limited, City Centre, Orion Power Meghnaghat Limited, Dutch Bangla Power & Associates Limited, Digital Power & Associates Limited, Orion Power Dhaka Limited, Orion Power Khulna Limited, Orion Power Unit-2 Dhaka Limited, Orion Gas Limited, Orion Agro Products Limited, Orion Footwear Limited, Orion Home Appliance Limited, Orion Restaurant Limited, Noakhali Gold Foods Limited, Orion Capital Limited, Orion Properties Limited, Orion Oil & Shipping Limited, Orion Holdings Limited and Jaflong Tea Company Limited.

Under Mr. Salman's guidance, Orion's sustainability efforts were given outstanding shape through his unique business concepts and visionary leadership skills. Since he joined his family business, most of the Group's projects have been success stories - this fact alone validates the Group's bright future. Mr. Salman has been successful in facilitating ORION to join the latest scenario in the global trade, infrastructure platforms with international markets and above all, to provide major contribution in the country's GDP through the right business to business strategy.

Mr. Salman's role has been instrumental in shaping the corporate culture of the Group and giving it a modern zest and international flavor. He has highly contributed in the Digitalization of the Group and introducing the latest technology in the work environment, which has smoothed the progress of the Group's journey towards success.

Besides being the Managing Director of the Group, Mr. Salman also assists his father and the Chairman of ORION, in all the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities of the company; and is directly involved with the strategic approach of the Group's social and environmental responsibility.

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